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Just in: Bristol to receive £18M in funding for primary schools

Hot off the press (in fact, not even in the press yet): Bristol has been allocated £18 million of the required £110 million in funding needed to meet the immediate needs of school children in Bristol. According to BBC Bristol, the city has received the fifth largest sum of money.  No other details are available … Continue reading

What can you (or anyone) do?

What’s BPAC about then?

The purpose of BPAC is to help parents across Bristol to stay informed, campaign for change, and know what their options are.

There are plenty of local groups, and they are listed below. We urge you to get involved on a local level, because the issues are different in each area. But let's also have a strong city-wide voice as well. And let's also involve parents of young children who are not yet quite gearing up for school - they should at least know about this. Let's not just let this happen year after year after year.