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New petition launched – please sign it and pass it on

A new petition has been launched today, giving more people the chance to add their “voice” and get some action from the Bristol City Council and central government.

Please (1) sign it and (2) spread it out to your networks of friends, contacts and family.  Without sufficient numbers of people signing this petition, the BCC may not get sufficient additional funding from central government to start to solve the Bristol primary schools problem.

Please also join our mailing list to keep updated.  You can also read (a lot) more about this problem on the rest of this website.  There is more information below (taken from the petition page) if you are in a hurry …


We the undersigned are parents, expectant parents, relatives and friends directly affected by the Bristol Primary Schools Admissions Crisis.

As members of communities from all over Bristol we are concerned about the lack of action from the local authority to find a resolution now.

We would like central government to work with Bristol City Council and make extra funding available to provide additional schools and places at schools in the areas affected and to raise the standards of those schools in our city which are not acceptable for any of our children.

Background information

Every Child Matters – according to local and central government.

Parents in Bristol are calling on everyone, including parents-to-be and all their families and friends to stand up and be counted to ensure central Government and Bristol City Council take direct action to fulfil this promise.

The city council has admitted it has only just enough reception places for this September 2011, despite strenuous efforts to create more classes.

The council has acknowledged that there is a chronic shortage of school places across the city and estimates that 3,000 more – the equivalent of 14 small primaries – will have to be created in the next four years.

If something isn’t done now this problem can only get worse.

We say there should be good quality schools all over the city with enough places available in the local community for all those who live within that community.



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