Crisis? What crisis?

Crisis? What Crisis?

There is a huge problem with primary schools in Bristol. The main problem is that there aren’t enough of them. Add to this a number of associated problems which make it all worse for reception aged children. On a practical level, this means that many children won’t be able to go to a local school, and probably not even to one anywhere near them. Instead, when it comes time to “choose” schools, they might suffer the same fate as many in previous years, and be sent to one on the other side of Bristol, away from their local community, and with significant consequences for the child and their family.

This is not a small problem. For the last five years, it’s affected thousands of families. In 2011 alone, some 350 families were not allocated local schools when the first round of allocations came out. In June 2011, the Bristol City Council admitted that one in ten reception year children who doesn’t have a brother or sister already at school will NOT be able to go to school locally. So 10% of kids are being shipped off to other schools which are relatively far away.



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