Bristol City Council have made it very clear that the massive primary school problem (which promises to get even worse in the next three years) cannot be solved without more funding from central government.  And to do that, we as parents, relatives, friends and concerned citizens need to make some noise.

That’s the purpose of this petition, and you can find out more and sign (if you wish) by clicking the image below.  Please take just a few moments to add your “voice” to this petition.

Please also join our mailing list so that we can let you know other ways in which you can make some noise!



One thought on “Petition

  1. It is essential for their development that children of primary school age are educated as near to their home as possible as it is their first step out of the parental realm into the wide world. If there is a lot of travelling they will get tired, feel alienated and not respond well to being taught. It is not only important for their academic education but also for their social education that they meet other children in their neighbourhood. These are little children of 4+ not big children of 11+.

    If the forecasted requirement for places is correct, then Bristol must ensure that there are enough places ready for children. If this requires extra funding from central government then it must be obtained. After all these little children will grow up quickly and are going to be running our society when we are old – I am sure we would prefer them to be emotionally balanced and with a good academic and emotional grounding!

    Posted by Ros | November 11, 2011, 1:00 pm

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