What can I do?

There are two things which everyone can do which will make a huge difference.  And that is to put your name on our circulation list – so that we can let you know what’s happening, and call for your support if we need it, and then sign the petition for more funding from central government.  The Council, the Government and the Media will show more interest if there are parents and supporters involved from right across Bristol.  The more of us, the better.

In case you read the paragraph above too fast, whether you are a parent of a child who has already missed out on a local school, or you have pre-school aged children and you might encounter this problem, or you are a supporter, please jump on our list and add your voice to the petition.

What else can you do?

Luckily, there’s plenty.

  1. Join the mailing list (yes, it’s that important)
  2. Sign the petition (sorry for the repetition)
  3. Contact your MP and ask for them to campaign for a solution in Bristol. You can find out who your MP is here.
  4. Write to your local councillor.  (Don’t let them tell you they didn’t know about this!)
  5. Comment on related stories on the Education section of the Bristol Evening Post website or on the BBC Bristol website – we need to keep this issue in the media spotlight.
  6. Tell your friends.
  7. Tell people you’ve never met before, but who are in your community.
  8. Contact us and offer your support (ideas, resources, information).
  9. Let us know if you have any information which should be added to the site.

Where possible, we’ll let you know of anything else you can do at any time.  We’ll usually do this via the mailing list.  Please be on it.


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